Sunday, February 19, 2012

Summer Vacation 2011

Well I am finally getting around to posting our trip back home to visit family this past summer. And as usual the pictures are in reverse order. So this is the end of our adventure. We got lucky this summer and were able to take a space A flight to and from the mainland, in fact we even got so lucky as to fly in and out of Mt Home Idaho. Just a few hours from our families. We flew on refueler planes both times. They are not the most comfortable plains, but we always got to spread out and the best part is.... it was FREE!!!
This is on the way home. The boomer on the plane was really awesome and he would let us go down next to him and watch them refuel the planes.

Not exactly first class, but it got us home.
Deven was really missing the ocean and surfing so it was ironic that we were able to find ways for him to surf in Utah.
This kids got to play in the fountains at the Riverwoods Shopping Center

And of course a trip home wouldn't be complete, if we didn't go boating with the Cox's.

Like I said, Deven still got to surf. This was his first time surfing behind a boat. He picked it up really quick. He seriously surfed all day long.

Me and my little man. He was my boat partner this trip.
Daddy and Gracie getting ready to head out.
We spent a week down in St. George with the Sorensen Family. It was a lot of fun, relaxing at the pool, shopping, and we even got to go to Tuacahn Theatre and see "The Little Mermaid"

We got to meet the entire cast at the end of the show. The kids loved it!!!

Getting ready for the play to start.

Nothing like spending time in good old Gunnison. My kids don't ever get to see cows, and horses, so visiting Grandpa's farm is always exciting. But we always find time to go to the pool and park as well.

Gracie got to go to her cousin Sarah's birthday party this summer. It was a 50's party and the girls were decked out top to bottom.
Helping Grandpa on the farm. Dylan especially loved going with grandpa on the 4 wheeler and the tractor.

Leave it to grandpa Sorensen to always try and scare the kids. He knows I hate snakes, but to his surprise Dylan was not scared at all. He was so fascinated. I think grandpa was a little disappointed.
Well we did it, we just found out we were going to the mainland on a space A flight. I consider this a meant to happen trip. I mix up military time all the time, but I was sure I figured the time it was leaving out correctly. I went over and over it in my head. So we figured we didn't need to leave until 8:30 to get there for 9 o clock roll call. But as we were driving down I told Deven the roll call time, and he said, "Are you serious, thats right now." I said no its not we have plenty of time, he said no, roll call time is right now. My heart sunk, I was sure there was no way we were going to have a chance of getting on this flight. Deven drove like crazy. I jumped out at the front entrance ran inside and asked if I could still check in for the Space A flight heading to Mt Home. The roll call had got delayed 15 minutes. He said he would check me in and two minutes later as Deven was walking in with the kids and the luggage, our name was being called that we made the flight. A great way to start our summer!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A time of endings... some endings are harder than others!

Our good friends, the Rees's moved away. We knew it was coming for a while, but we didn't want to accept it. They were the kind of friends that are hard to replace. I still remember my first day at church and Amanda introduced herself to me. I found out she was teaching preschool the next year and the rest is history!!!! Our little girls also became really good friends. I guess you could even say, Brooklyn was her first BFF... as they called each other. We had so many memories with them. We went down and had dinner with them the night they flew out. I don't know what was harder saying goodbye or seeing how hard it was for Gracie to say goodbye. She cried the entire way home. Thank goodness for life long friends!!!!
Another Gracie finished first grade. I still find it hard to believe that she is in second grade already. But this is her on her last day of first grade!!!

But what would the last day of school be, without a pool party with friends. We wanted to start the summer off right, even if we would be in Utah for most of it, we had to live it up why we could!!!!

Our 2011 Easter...I am so far behind!

So I know Easter was several months ago, but I am trying to catch up on the blog...slowly! This past Easter, Deven was in Washington D.C., but the kids and I managed to still have some fun. We had Easter dinner with our good friends the Rees's and Vancour's and of course before dinner the kids got to have an egg hunt. They had a good time and got lots of fun treats!!!

The Easter bunny still found us this year, in fact, he left a little surprise for the kiddos. He sent them on a treasure hunt and there was a special egg at the end.

We enjoyed a neighborhood Easter egg hunt as well. The kids got to go to the park with some neighborhood friends and find some eggs. So much good candy!!!! We loved Easter!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ward Temple Trip and Beach Day

Our ward put together a temple trip, where we could drop off the kids at the beach and then attend a session at the temple. This was really nice since Deven was away. Also they had just re-opened the temple so it was nice to actually get to go to a session. They had games for the kids to play and of course they fed them. After the session we had a ward potluck and then I let the kids play with their friends at the beach for a while.


Dylan turned two on April 11, 2011. We combined birthday parties for the kids this year since Deven was in Washington D.C. during April, but Gracie and I had to still do a little something for him. He loves sports of all kinds, so we figured we would do a little baseball party. We just had cupcakes and of course then we ended up playing ball with him the rest of the night. We had fun, even if it was just the 3 of us!!!